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Healing With Ayurveda

Ayurveda is the sister science of yoga (Yoga means 'union with the Supreme' and means life science or knowledge of life. It is the oldest form of medicine, originating in India, and was translated from the Sanskrit language.

We take our understanding from nature and how we relate and respond to it. Ayurveda helps us to be fit, well, and strong physically as yoga does spiritually. The aim is to try to identify the symptoms of imbalance before we become unwell. By understanding our body, we can live a full healthy life and avoid being or feeling unwell.

Ayurvedic Wellness Coaching

Ayurvedic Wellness Coaching

You can live a balanced & healthy life, with guidance on eating, exercising, & practicing yogic techniques, based on your unique mind-body type. With a personalized approach, we can help you to identify the root cause of any issues you may be experiencing and provide natural options to alleviate them. You can achieve optimal health and wellness, and live a life full of energy, happiness, and vitality.

Our 12-week online coaching is $350 and we are currently offering rolling start dates.

Ayurvedic Lifestyle - Dinacharya

Ayurvedic Lifestyle

Each month we explore different topics to bring you towards living the Ayurvedic or Yogi Lifestyle.

As living in the seasons has an impact on our bodies, we honour & weave this into our teachings.

From the time you wake, up until the time you sleep, we can help you to create a lifestyle of balance by helping you to rebuild your daily rhythm. Each month we share weekly Zoom calls, tip sheets, guidebooks, recipes, exercises, self-care practices & much more. I am excited to share this.

$108 per month/$540- 6 months

Ayurvedic Healthy Weight - Agni

Ayurvedic Healthy Weight

Ayurveda teaches us that our digestive fire or Agni, our lifestyle, and mental health can all affect the health of our bodies, including if we are balanced in our weight.

Our 8-week healthy weight course is designed to help you to create balance which will assist in maintaining a healthy weight.

Covering mindset, doshas, detox, self-care, and more, I can say that by following these guidelines myself, I have maintained a healthy weight, and I feel lighter and brighter. Our next course starts in July, getting you ready for spring. 

For all Ayurvedic teachings, please contact Vraja

Ayurveda helps us to understand our dosha, and how we are affected by the seasons and our environment. It is individual and the time frame to find balance and wellness can vary depending on the person’s illness and how it evolved as well as how much they take on to help themselves.

I can't wait to serve you. Much love, Vraja xx.

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